Nine expeditions through Zurich for women from Yvonne-Denise Koechli.

Published by Xanthippe Verlag, Zurich, 2016.




For the book "Miis Züri" Jutta Jacobi took all the pictures illustrating nine exploratory city rambles.



My Zurich – Nine expeditions through Zurich for women

Forget Zwingli, Brun, Escher, Pestalozzi... This city guide shows you the other Zurich: the Zurich of successful and creative women in history, literature, science, economy, architecture and design, the Zurich of artists, musicians, theatre and film makers, dancers and fashion designers.

In nine expeditons through the Limmat city, the author will show you what women have produced in this city. Experience the Limmat city from a female perspective and immerse yourself in the worlds of Katharina von Zimmern and Emilie Lieberherr, Iris von Roten and Lara Stoll, Emilie Kempin-Spyri and Blanche Merz, Rosmarie Michel and Alexandra Haas, Lux Guyer and Mateja Vehovar, Trudi Demut and Rosina Kuhn, Irène Schweizer and Anna Känzig, Sabine Gisiger and Barbara Frey, Ruth Grüninger and Michèle Kägi...

In addition, well-known Zurich women will tell you about their favorite places in the city, their tips for shopping and physical well-being: Jacqueline Badran, Klara Obermüller, Antoinette Hunziker, Annette Gigon, Andrea Muheim, Vera Kaa, Ida Gut and many more.