Nine expeditions through Central Switzerland for women from Cécile Bühlmann and Eva Bachmann.

Published by Xanthippe Verlag, Zurich, 2019.



For the book "Mis Lozärn" Jutta Jacobi took all the pictures illustrating nine exploratory rambles.

about the book

My Lucerne – Nine expeditions through Central Switzerland for women

Forget William Tell and Niklaus von Flüe...

This city guide will show you the other part of Central Switzerland: that of creative and successful women in politics and history, culture and fashion, business and science.

Nine expeditions through Lucerne, Zug (Ursula Kreienbühl), Schwyz (Gaby Annen-Mächler), Stans (Karin Schleifer), Sarnen (Hedi Wernli Gasser) and Altdorf (Carla Arnold) will show you what women in Central Switzerland have produced and continue to produce.

Experience Central Switzerland from a women's perspective and immerse yourself in the worlds of Margret Spyri and Katharina Morel, Josi J. Meier, Elisabeth Blunschy and Heidi Rothen, Angela Rosengart and Fanni Fetzer, Elisabeth Zurgilgen and Lisa Bachmann, Judith Albert , Barbara Gut and Sam Heller, Claudia Krebser and Susanna Ramminger ...